Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Love You Dad!

What can you say to someone
who has always been one ofthe most essential parts of your world;
someone who took you by the handwhen you were little
and helped to show the way?

What do you say to someone
who stood by to help you grow,
providing love, strength,
and supportso you could become the person
you are today?

What can you say to let him know
that he's the best there is,
and that you hope you've inherited
some of his wisdom and his strength?

What words would you say
if you ever got the chance?
Maybe you just say"I love you, Dad..." and hope he understands.
i love you dad.........

From your daughter with love

As your baby girl,

I loved you with no questions,

no explaining,

I just knew you made me giggle

you were super entertaining!

I just knew you brought me comfort

and you made me feel secure

and that all my little "tantrums"

you so patiently endured.

As I grew a little older,

I discovered just how caring,

just how giving you had always been,

you knew the art of sharing...

and you gracefully accepted all the ups and downs

that came with raising someone just like me--

(I wasn't always tame!)

Then I grew into adulthood,

and I found out something new--

you weren't just my "perfect" mother,

but a friend forever, too...

and I'm lucky that I have you--

since I know I'd never find another mother

who is better than the mother

who is mine!